Data Visualization Society Slack Channel Activity

The Data Visualization Society was created in February 2019 and quickly grew to several thousand members. The Society is a community of data viz practioners and students around the globe. The data in this vizualization was provided by DVS for the 2nd DVS challenge.

The community's main platform for communication is a Slack account with the channels listed below. The following visualization shows frequency and engagement on a daily basis of the individual channels.

less engagement     more engagement

* Engagement Rate = responses + reactions / # posts, compared against all channels

area = # posts compared against max # posts per day for all channels

-introductions had a spike in the beginning corresponding with creation of Slack account
-introductions has had the most posts for the time period in the dataset
share-critique had the first post of all channels in dataset
Excluding -introductions, help-general and topic-historical-viz are tied for the most consistent days of posting
For all "location-" channels, location-nyc is the most active



# of Posts:



Engagement rate: