KonMari-ing my Closet scroll ↓

About this process

322 items recorded
62 items sparked joy
22% of items kept sparked joy
$4,182 est cost of Donated/Tossed items
7 bags to Goodwill

I decided to KonMari my closet for the THIRD time this year (and it's only May!) This time decluttering was more difficult than before since (1) I had already donated/tossed the obvious bad fits and (2) because I decided to manually track EVERY single item of clothing for this project.

I used data about my KonMari process for the May 2019 #SWDchallenge. The challenge asked participants to collect and visualize their own dataset. During the decluttering process it seemed that few things sparked joy, however, 62 of 323 items were marked as "sparked joy". Additionally, some things that sparked joy ended up in the give away pile, which wasn't consistent to the TV show experiences.

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